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home prep 101

1) Use Some Elbow Grease:

Get down and dirty with the cleaners, and we're talking in every nook and cranny. While the dust on top of the mantle may not be a big deal to an owner, potential buyers notice all the details, so spend some time making your home sparkle.

2) Pretty Up Your Curb

Buyers are sensitive to first impressions, and there's no impression more immediate than your front yard. Break out the yard tools in the front and back of your home, trim the grass and bushes, freshen up the dark dust and thoughtfully arrange any outdoor decor. Pressure washing the driveway, cleaning the outdoor light fixtures or painting the front door are other ways you can give your house that WOW first impression.

3) Employ a Clean, Neutral Eye:

Walk through your house and evaluate paint colors, home decor and furniture. Bright wall colors, cluttered home decor and clunky furniture should be eliminated. Allow the buyer to envision themselves in the home rather than being overwhelmed by stylistic choices.

4) Break Out the Honey-Do List:

Chances are, if you've noticed little things that need to be taken care of around the house, so will potential buyers. Secure loose fixtures and knobs, clean those gutters, buff, polish, shine, organize, you name it. Check them all off the list.

5) Go Au Naturel:

Brighten up your home by taking advantage of natural light and lush greenery. Raid a local nursery for indoor plants, make a weekly trip to grab a fresh flower arrangement and throw those curtains and blinds wide open. {Let there be light!} 

6) Eliminate Useless Rooms:

We've all seen it...that one room that seems to have no purpose. Is it an office? Is it a play room? Is it storage? No one is really sure. Avoid ambiguous spaces by giving each room it's own job. Transform your cluttered den into an organized office, make your formal living room the ultimate conversation zone or convert the listless loft space into a yoga studio.

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